Rapsody & Leikeili47 Floss With Harriet Tubman $20s in the “Oprah” Video

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I’m a master, y’all should give me honorary masters

Rapsody has released the latest video from her critically acclaimed Eve album.

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The video is for the song “Oprah,” and it features an appearance from fellow spitter Leikeili47. The “Oprah video,” which was directed by Farah X, features the ladies flossing with .a bunch of Harriet Tubman $20s. (Ahh remember those?)

The song and video also feature an appearance from poet Reyna Biddy, who closes things out with an extended verse.

Update: Watch the Video for Rapsody, D’Angelo, & GZA’s “IBTIHAJ”

Watch the video for “Oprah” below.

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