Rae Sremmurd Referenced in 'Jeopardy' Question, No One Gets it Right

Rae Sremmurd Referenced in 'Jeopardy' Question, And Gets it Terribly Wrong

What is “lit”?

On a recent episode of a very mutable TV game show, a trio of “general knowledge” wizzes clunked a question even the most basic hypebeast could have aced.

Jeopardyknown for its occasional foray into random pop culture moments, made reference to “Lit Like Bic,” the opening track of Rae Sremmurd‘s debut album, SremmLife, in a $600 question.

It read: “This 3-letter word means “amazing”; in a Rae Sremurd song title, it precedes “Like Bic.”,” to which Anand, bless his heart, completed with “What is ‘Pen'”?

Swae Lee, in a bid of gratitude and excitement, posted it on Twitter, leaving to the mercy of Sremm-hive:

Watch a clip of Anand shooting his shot above. And ease up on the guy. He could use a little Top 40 flourish in his life, but obviously he’s not spending much on lighters or pens. And I’m sure he imagined a line of questioning slightly outside of the “general knowledge” of someone camping overnight for a Supreme drop.


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