Payday Records’ Radamiz Goes For The Jugular With His “V.I.M.” Record [Premiere]

Payday Records’ Radamiz Goes For The Jugular With His “V.I.M.” Record [Premiere]

Payday Records’ Radamiz Goes For The Jugular With His “V.I.M.” Record [Premiere]

Source: Payday Records

Bedford-Stuyvesant’s own Radamiz makes a name for himself with this gullier-than-thou track that showcases his authentic New York grit and lyricism.

A name has been whispered around Brooklyn’s hood for a hot minute now, carrying itself and its reputation up into the music industry’s hallowed hall. This name has impressed all with his authentic New York grit, extremely dope lyricism, and penchant for vivid storytelling. That name is Radamiz, and judging by his new song, “V.I.M.,” the Dominican MC is worth all the accolades.

After visiting our office this week, Radamiz showcased the elements that made him such a revered force within the underground music scene. Now signed to Payday Records (which also features New Orleans creative Pell on its roster) — Radamiz has put the game on notice with this gullier-than-thou tale of friendship and betrayal known as “V.I.M.,” which was produced by V’Don.

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Now, personally, before I heard this song and only knew of the title, all I could think of was the clothing store that sat on Nostrand and Fulton around the way. It was a staple for wares that were must-haves to be considered fresh and the wars that would go on between rival crews looking to hold down the ave off of Herkimer Street. After hearing the song, which you can too down below, the Mogul Club founding partner weaves a tale as old as time but gives you a head-knocking beat to go along with it.

With his song “V.I.M.” out and available, press play to stream the song below, and keep eyes and ears out for when Radamiz may be performing around your way.

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