Pell Pays Homage To “Slow Jamz” With “throwback” Featuring Saba

Pell Pays Homage To “Slow Jamz” With “throwback” Featuring Saba

Pell Pays Homage To “Slow Jamz” With “throwback” Featuring Saba

Photo Credit: AJ Favicchio

The New Orleans creative, Pell, releases his new music video for “throwback,” from his girasoul EP, which features Saba.

If you’re like us then you’re still bumping Pell solid effort girasoul EP, which came out last December via Payday Records. To keep the mojo going on the project, Pell has released the new visuals for the song, “throwback,” which features Chicago’s own Saba as the Twista to Pell’s Kanye. The song pays sonic homage to The College Dropout hit, “Slow Jamz,” by using samples that emphasize throwback vibes.

Directed by Miles and AJ, the filmmaking duo who also brought Pell’s single “chirpin’” to life, shot “throwback” on a Super 8 camera, which gave off nothing but Amblin-Spielberg vibes. Lit, both literally and figuratively, Pell and Saba roam throughout Los Angeles in an isolated, yet surreal state of affairs. Waking up in his bedroom atop of a mountain to his bathroom on a side street to his living room in a parking lot, you can see Pell in these weird, but visually dynamic moments by pressing play on the video below.

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“Shooting the video was dope because it was the first time I was shooting this quality of a video with bystanders walking by watching me do it,” said Pell. “You could say it was interactive in that way that most of my music videos aren’t.” Pell’s girasoul is an excellent body of work, which found the Crescent City creative pivoting his direction and evolve as an artist. He taught himself how to play guitar and keyboard, plus landed his own writing and production credits for film scores, including placements in La La Land and other developing projects.

Watch “throwback” below and keep an eye and ear out for when Pell will land in a town near you.

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