Panorama 2017: Tribe Announces Last N.Y. Show As Panorama Proves Its Spectacle Status

Panorama 2017: Tribe Announces Last N.Y. Show As Panorama Proves Its Spectacle Status

Panorama 2017 Gallery: A Tribe Called Quest, Solange, Frank Ocean & More

Photo Credit: Vickey Ford for Okayplayer

The second annual Panorama Festival found us jamming out to Solange, Frank Ocean and saying goodbye to the legendary A Tribe Called Quest.

Rounding the Robert F. Kennedy bridge toward Randall’s Island, the heaving bass greets you long before the staff does. The chatter from thousands of fans darting between venues scattered across the grass eventually swells into a palpable buzz, just electric enough to raise the hair on your skin.

Goldenvoice, the L.A. based promotion and production company owned by entertainment demigods AEG (Anschutz Entertainment Group) are the masterminds behind Panorama Festival, a sprawling showcase of music, technology and cuisine that blends the best of art and culture for legions of adoring fans from New York City and beyond.

Entering Randall’s Island on any of the three days is an immersive experience; entering on all three is a wildly challenging exercise of stamina and cost-benefit analysis.

It’s almost impossible to see every worthy act on the island, you quickly find that like with many things in life, you’ve got to ask yourself, what’s most important to you.

Can you really afford to miss A Tribe Called Quest perform their last ever show in New York City? No, you can’t. But if you plan on seeing Justice perform a brand-new set and still catch Snakehips, you better be a master of teleportation or at the very least, running really fast.

We took on the challenge of catching as many incredible acts as we could at this year’s Panorama and detailed them for you here, just in case you prefer to stick to scrolling instead of sprinting.

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