Oxymorrons Celebrate Their Success In New "See Stars" Video [Premiere]

Oxymorrons Celebrate Their Success In New "See Stars" Video [Premiere]

Oxymorrons Celebrate Their Success In New "See Stars" Video [Premiere]

Photo Courtesy of Oxymorrons

“When times got tough don’t pop pills.”

The line, rapped by Oxymorrons frontman Demi, comes toward the end of the group’s new song “See Stars.” But at a time where America is facing an opioid epidemic and many of contemporary rap’s biggest stars openly acknowledged their addiction to prescription drugs like Xanax, the line stands out, encapsulating the celebratory and resilient tone of the song.

The music video for “See Stars,” which Okayplayer is premiering, embodies this, too. Filmed during Oxymorrons’ homecoming show at Brooklyn’s C’Mon Everybody following a tour with Chicago-based band Bonelang, the video sequences the song to the group’s live performance of it, capturing their infectious and lively energy.

The song also reflects that group’s knack for blending together genres; Demi and fellow frontman Kami‘s vocals are influenced just as much by Kid Cudi than Fishbone‘s Angelo Moore, the pair charismatically leading their rap-rock group like Pharrell does N.E.R.D.

“See stars is the culmination of all the things we have been through,” Demi said. “It’s about overcoming every obstacle life throws at you and coming out triumphant. Whether it’s racism, anxiety, depression, economic struggles, family issues, relationship issues…we all have struggled! At the end we don’t see the struggle or the battle scars, we each other shine. We see stars! We all are stars!”

Oxymorrons recently partnered with an app called iRel8, a mental health platform that allows users to anonymously speak with each other about their experiences with mental illness.

Prior to releasing “See Stars,” the group dropped two singles, “Green Vision” and “Brunch.”

The band, who has opened for the likes of Lupe Fiasco, Gym Class Heroes and others, also plans on releasing a new EP before the end of the year. Oxymorrons can be found on Instagram and Facebook.

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