Nas Hops on Joe Fox's New Single "What's the Word"

Nas Hops on Joe Fox's New Single "What's the Word"

Joe Fox & Nas "What's the World"

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Nas just doesn’t give out verses to anyone. So, if an artist has a new one, just know that there might be something special there.

Earlier this year, London singer Joe Fox dropped a single called “What’s the Word.” Now the singer is back with a new version of that song.  

This version features a verse from the legendary rapper Nas.  

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It’s definitely a big look for the singer. Joe Fox is still on the rise. Before the release of this single, he was best known for playing an important part in A$AP’s Rocky’s sophomore album AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP. (He appeared on five tracks.)

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The Nas assisted version of “What;s the Word” was premiered by Pitchfork. Stroll down to listen to the track.

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