MonoNeon Takes Us On A Loving Walk Through The Ghetto On “Hot Cheetos” [Premiere]

MonoNeon Takes Us On A Loving Walk Through The Ghetto On “Hot Cheetos” [Premiere]

by Kevito
2 years ago

Image courtesy of MonoNeon

This colorful cut finds us walking through the ghetto for some “Hot Cheetos,” as the MonoNeon gets busy with this new love song.

MonoNeon has been on a tear since we last spoke to him a month ago. The charismatically colorful guitarist and musician has been seen on stages alongside Ghost-Note, performing at the Billboard awards, and having his viral-worthy cuts played on The Tonight Show. With so much attention being focused on MonoNeon, you would think that he wouldn’t have time to stop and smell the roses?

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Well, if you thought that, you guessed wrong.

Okayplayer is ecstatic to share with you audiophiles a new love song from MonoNeon called “Hot Cheetos”. No, this isn’t a play on “Hot Cheetos & Takis” that your friends and kids might love. This song has a bit of a more regular, around-the-way feel to it. “[‘Hot Cheetos’] came about when I was sitting outside my grandma’s house in Orange Mound, Memphis. I saw this guy and a girl walking together to a corner convenience store, they were talking, laughing and shiet,” MonoNeon told us via email.

“The chorus of the song came from that. IMAKEMADEBEATS sent me a beat a while back and I just started writing to the drum track. I put some guitar, bass, and my vocals on it.”

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Yes, you read that correctly: IMAKEMADEBEATS programmed the drums on this TK-minute extravaganza, while MonoNeon got his riff on by adding vocals, guitar, and bass to the track. Billed as a “love song,” MonoNeon sings from the guy’s perspective, happy to know that his lady is going to be his babe, and that, together, they’re excited to “take a long walk” to the corner store for some Hot Cheetos.

Without spoiling the song for you all, press play on “Hot Cheetos” below, be sure to follow us and MonoNeon on Twitter, cop here on Bandcamp, and keep an eye out for MonoNeon to hit your town soon.

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