Meek Mill Has Been Denied Bail By Judge Genece Brinkley

Meek Mill Has Been Denied Bail By Judge Genece Brinkley

Meek Mill Appealing Prison Sentence in Probation Violation Case, Requesting Judge's Recusal

Source: Twitter

The rapper Meek Mill’s request to be released on bail was denied by Judge Genece Brinkley furthering his bad news as we get closer to the holidays.

Philly rapper Meek Mill was hoping to be released on bail today, Dec. 4, after filing a request. Sadly, Judge Genece Brinkley denied the request, shutting him down and saying that because she views him as a “danger” to the community and a flight risk that Meek must stay imprisoned.

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CBS’ Joe Holden tweeted, “Judge presiding over #MeekMill case denies his request for release on bail, saying he is a ‘danger’ to the community. Judge Genece Brinkley filed her order on Friday, courts just released it ten minutes ago [on Monday].” Controversial to say the lease, but reports also say that the judge may have suggested that Meek used a Fast Flush detox capsule to pass his drug test.

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This latest development in Meek’s case follows accusations from his legal team saying that Judge Brinkley asked Meek to remake a Boyz II Men song and tried to persuade the rapper to sign a recording contract with a friend of hers. Since then, Meek’s attorneys have asked Judge Brinkley to recuse herself from the case, but to no avail.

Keep in mind, Meek’s legal woes first began in 2009 with gun and drug charges and he’s since then racked up multiple probation violations over the past eight years.

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