Marco Rubio Reinforces Herb Status With Comments On Kanye West’s ‘ye’ Album

Marco Rubio Reinforces Herb Status With Comments On Kanye West’s ‘ye’ Album

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Here’s your daily reminder that Marco Rubio is a living, breathing punching bag full of L’s.

While you were enjoying your first Summer Friday outside of the office, Florida Senator Marco Rubio was continuing to confirm his status as a lame. His official Twitter page finds the former presidential candidate in campaign mode, posting a video where he shares his unasked-for-thoughts about Kanye West’s new album, ye.

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What did this encyclopedia of culture have to say about West’s G.O.O.D. Music effort?

“I don’t know anything about Kanye West’s new album, other than I guess he premiered it out there in Wyoming and invited a bunch of people. He’s an interesting guy. Actually he’s in the middle of that Pusha T and Drake fight […] That whole thing is so complicated.”

Whoever didn’t stop this herb’s time should be excommunicated from the island, STAT. “Bottom line is I haven’t heard [Ye], but I know it’s out there and it’s the first work I think he’s done solo in a couple of years […] So I look forward to hearing it at some point.”

Marco, we know what you’re really bumping out your AirPods: Mason Ramsey. Why would you think that anyone in their right mind would want to know what Little Marco thought about anything involving hip-hop? How does that relate to your constituents, sir? We know you’re up for re-election and you’ve lost on the biggest stage for politics and are feeling a bit conscious about your chances with midterms.

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But in the words of the great Ed Lover: C’Mon Son!

Get really involved in learning what the people want and how you can provide a solution to those problems or issues. If that’s not what you’re really about then prepare to be like that ye album you only have elementary knowledge about and not get any replay past 2018.

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