Rapper Madwiz Serves up The New Brooklyn Sound in "House Special" Video [PREMIERE]

Rapper Madwiz Serves up The New Brooklyn Sound in "House Special" Video [PREMIERE]

Madwiz is serving up something special.

Brooklyn rapper, Madwiz just dropped his new music video for “House Special.”

The track, produced TKYO TIM, samples the 1989 EPMD song, “So What’cha Sayin'”— updating and flipping the classic sample into a sharp, trap-ish groove, indicative of Madwiz’s fusion of old and new styles. His blazing bars, thematic song structures, and that ’90s-nasal vocal tone make for a cool combination of past and present.

“House Special” is the latest single off his forthcoming project entitled, THE NEW BROOKLYN SOUND.

The 26-year-old emcee recently made a cameo appearance in the music video for Blood Orange’s “Jewelry.”

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WATCHRadamiz Goes From The Jugular To The Eyes With New Visual For “V.I.M.”

The visual, directed by videographer and record producer, FifthGod, with Chinese subtitles, translated by Dorothy “888” Qian, features Madwiz on an excursion through Manhattan’s Chinatown.

“Big ups to Chinatown, Dorothy, and the Asian-American community for having my back on this one allowing me to rock out,” the rapper told Okayplayer. “Chinese food has always been a big part of my existence, and it has correlated with my hip-hop experience too many times to count. As many times as I have ordered the House Special from Kum Kau, my local Chinese spot, I just felt like it was time to make my own version of it— a rhyme that comes with a little of everything.”

Madwiz’s flavor is unmatched.

Check out the video for “House Special” below.

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