London’s Own Sharky Shares A Sweet-And-Funky Number Called “Cause and Effect” [Premiere]

London’s Own Sharky Shares A Sweet-And-Funky Number Called “Cause and Effect” [Premiere]

London’s Own Sharky Shares A Sweet-And-Funky Number Called “Cause and Effect” [Premiere]

Source: Sharky

Make sure to add this brand new single by Sharky, “Cause and Effect,” to your playlists before it’s too late.

Harnessing a creativity that only a north Londoner can cultivate, Sharky, a new voice with an innovative sound, boasts a range and power that few can hold a candle to. “I had looked at my favorite female artists, Stevie Nicks, PJ Harvey, Nai Palm, Pattie Smith and Fiest) and considered them the guardian angels of which I could never attain,” Sharky said in her bio. We had to disagree. Upon listening to her brand new single, “Cause and Effect,” Sharky has the chops to stand out and be listed among the greats.

Backed by the producer duo of Todd and Guy Speakman of Speakman Sound, “Cause and Effect” is rich in atmosphere, taste and infectious rhythm, as you can hear for yourself below. “The process was invigorating for me and we finished with a piece of work which I feel very proud,” Sharky said in a press release about her Speakman Sound collaboration. “It was a new me, in fact, it wasn’t me at all it was Sharky.” A little known fact about this London-based talent, “Sharky” her name stems from her love and admiration of sharks since she was a very young child. “I found them fascinating, misunderstood and naughty.”

Using her voice as its own instrument, “Cause and Effect” works as exactly that upon the listener’s ears. Her vocals slide graciously from one syllable and word to the next, creating a visual hodgepodge of melody against the Speakman Sound’s trademarked jazz / funk / soul musical backdrop. “‘Cause and Effect’ sums up the celebration of confidence I found in being a woman,” Sharky told us exclusively. “After a particular session at Speakman Sound’s studio, I had written a few barebone ideas at home, which I felt desperately required some injection from Todd, Guy and Jon Moody. After a day in the studio my few chords and lines became a sassy psychedelic dream accentuating my pride for who I am and what I give out and hold close.”

Without any further ado, we invite you to press play on Sharky’s “Cause and Effect,” which is available today (Jan. 26) on all digital streaming platforms. Also, you can cop your tickets to Sharky’s Camden Assembly Show, which takes place on Mar. 31.

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