Stream Earl Sweatshirt's New Album 'Some Rap Songs'

Stream Earl Sweatshirt's New Album 'Some Rap Songs'


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Earl has Some Rap Songs for you.

After a three year hiatus, Earl Sweatshirt is back.

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The rapper just released his third studio album, Some Rap Songs, the follow up to his 2015 LP I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside: An Album by Earl Sweatshirt. Some Rap Songs is an interesting album: there are 15 songs, but the runtime on the album is only 24 Minutes.

Most songs on the album clock in at around a minute. (The longest track is “Mint” which is almost three minutes long.) Speaking about the album to Vulture, Earl said:

I hope what people take away is … I guess just brevity. I’m always trying to whittle this shit down … I have to be really thoughtful of what I’m doing. Music is a really powerful thing, and the people that I feel, like, get applauded for the subtlety are the people that care and are aware of the powerful shit that they’re wielding. I’m aware of the fact that [Some Rap Songs] is kind of a hissing thing. There’s a lot of technical imperfections. The track list has gotta be perfect, and the song gotta loop perfect, and I gotta exit before … I really dedicate a lot of myself to not over-rapping.

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Stream Some Rap Songs below.

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