Best Songs of The Week: ft. Black Noi$e, Melanie Faye, and More [Playlist]

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Black Noi$e

The Round-Up playlist is Okayplayer’s weekly haul of the best songs in the worlds of hip-hop and R&B. This week’s set features new music from Black Noi$e, Melanie Faye, Boldy James, Busdriver, Sur Stone, and more. Scroll through selections from our latest sequence below and subscribe to Okayplayer’s Spotify channel today.

Colty feat. Blu – “Space Drive”

Weeks after dropping off an expansive new collection with a longtime collaborator, Blu graces a breezy Brazilian funk loop from Colty’s upcoming three-pack.

Busdriverr – “the big think”

Busdriver and Swarvy are an unholy duo on this frantic, mad-rapping loosie.

Zelooperz – “Only Fan”

Nothing like a guiltless, galaxy-cruising trap anthem from Zelooperz to score the weekend’s most potent sessions.

Black Noi$e feat. MIKE – “Tight Leash”

A recent signee of Earl Sweatshirt’s Tan Cressida imprint, Black Noi$e wrangled the whole roster of renegade rappers from both coasts for his label debut, OBLIVIONNYC’s own MIKE makes quick work out of an ivory-laced suite on “Tight Leash,” a project standout that’s far more elastic than the name suggests.

Guapdad 4000 feat. Boogie – “Hairless Horseman”

Guapdad 4000 and Boogie blaze a skittering drum shuffle on a grizzled selection from the Bay Area rapper’s new project, Platinum Falcon Returns.

Sur Stone – “If You Love a Flower, Let It Be”

Sur Stone flips from hook hero to emotion-mining MC on the title track from their brief, but resonant, new project.

Melanie Faye – “Jump”

A longtime darling of Instagram’s tight-knit community of remote musicians, Melanie Faye delivers her first batch of cuts today with a self-titled EP. Leading the sequence, “Jump” is a proper blend of the singer’s ace melody-making and sleek, twangy six-string strums.

Charlotte Day Wilson feat. Syd – “Take Care of You”

Syd makes an increasingly rare feature appearance on a tender and easy-burning ballad from Charlotte Day Wilson, who is slowly resurfacing with what could be a follow-up to her stellar 2018 project, Stone Woman

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