LaKeith Stanfield and Tune-Yards Join Forces with New Song "Mango"

LaKeith Stanfield and Tune-Yards Join Forces with New Song "Mango"

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Looks like LaKeith Stanfield might be pivoting to music.

The Sorry to Bother You and “Atlanta” star haes released a new song under the stage name Moors. The collaborative effort also features Tune-Yards and an accompanying trippy video.

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But this isn’t the actor’s first attempt at making music. Stanfield is featured in the song “Oyahytt” off the Sorry to Bother You soundtrack which director Boots Riley credited to his long-running Oakland hip-hop group, the Coup.

LaKeith had actually been making music before he  broke out into the acting world, and formed the group Moors with producer Hrishikesh Hirway, who released a quite well-received EP in 2015, just as LaKeith’s acting career was taking off. His acting has obviously been his major medium as of late— he’s now slated to star in yet another leading role, this time in a movie adaptation of Ron Wimberly’s graphic novel Prince of Cats. 

Lakeith became friends with Tune-Yards while working on-set of Sorry To Bother You, as Tune-Yards contributed to the film’s soundtrack, and they began collaborating musically, resulting in this new effort.

“Mango” was released through Moors’ own label, Haven.

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Watch LaKeith Stanfield as Mango in his new music video for “Moors” below:

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