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Kyan Risks All for Romance In “How Dare You Make Me Love You” [PREMIERE]

Kyan Risks All for Romance In “How Dare You Make Me Love You” [PREMIERE]


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Singer, songwriter, and producer Kyan just released his new video for “How Dare You Make Me Love You.”

In the song, Kyan deals with the painful parts of life in a beautiful way, with daring vocals and direct emotion.

The video, directed by Monica Gonzalez Carter, is a visual metaphor for the emotion of the song without distracting from its potent simplicity.

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“I had the line ‘how dare you make me love you’ for a while before I wrote the song,” Kyan tells Okayplayer. “It was half statement, half question; an idea that lingered at the back of my mind for a long time following the two ‘breakups’ that inspired the album (a major record label and long-term relationship).

“I found it incredibly difficult to accept that those who had seen so much value and potential in me in so many ways could just decide to cut their losses and move on. That incomprehensible rejection experienced as I cycled through the highlight reel, all of the things we’d done and achieved together, all of the history, all of the moments and memories… It was a sharp but blurred pain that I couldn’t quite get a handle on, and the ‘double breakup’ left me feeling paranoid and cynical about people’s intentions.”

Slowly I began to find the words that felt honest enough to articulate how I was feeling, and the song was born, “When did you stop believing? Or did you know from the start that I wasn’t enough? How dare you make me love you, was it always the plan to leave with my heart in your hand?”


Watch the video below.




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