Khalab & Tenesha The Wordsmith Drive Home Soul On “Black Noise” [Premiere]

Khalab & Tenesha The Wordsmith Drive Home Soul On “Black Noise” [Premiere]

Khalab & Tenesha The Wordsmith Drive Home Soul On “Black Noise” [Premiere]

Source: Khalab

Summoned from the depths of Khalab’s afro-centric soundscape, “Black Noise” is a tapestry of talent, textures, and Tenesha The Wordsmith’s soul driving words.

I have personally played Khalab’s Black Noise 2084 album so many times that my friends believe the album is out already. Full of rich, ambient textures and sounds, Khalab flips the idea of soul music off its axis to demonstrate how worn and surface level the ideas put forth by pundits are these days. Submerging our ears and hearts into a journey of rhythms, voices, and spirits that carried us all along this thing called life, Black Noise 2084 is that noise presented directly within earshot for us to learn and listen to.

With the project featuring some of the brightest names in music—Shabaka Hutchings and Moses Boyd to name a few—we are ecstatic to premiere the title track, “Black Noise,” from the album. Featuring Tenesha The Wordsmith and her light-inducing vocals, “Black Noise” tells the hard truths from the minds of those who have survival and oppression augmented into their DNAs. “I was looking for somebody able to express with her words what I try to convey with the music, especially song.” Khalab told us via email. “With Tenesha, it’s different. It’s not a matter of aesthetics but of profoundness and truth. Her words gave a name to the record, her lyrics perfectly capturing its essence.”

Black Noise 2084 will hit everywhere July 20th courtesy of London’s On The Corner Records.

Listen to “Black Noise” below, and share with us your thoughts on Twitter @Okayplayer.

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