Keyon Harrold Honors Michael Brown With “MB Lament” b/w “When Will It Stop”

Ferguson’s Own Keyon Harrold Honors Michael Brown With “MB Lament” b/w “When Will It Stop”

Photo Credit: Deneka Peniston

The internationally-acclaimed trumpeter, Keyon Harrold, represents for his Ferguson, MO brethren by releasing two new songs in tribute to Mike Brown.

On Aug. 9, 2014, the world stood and watched in horror as a young man named Michael Brown laid on the ground, unarmed, succumbing to his wounds inflicted by a white police officer. Enough became enough and the #BlackLivesMatter movement enacted its agents to speak up for the voiceless in this situation. All the while, a native son was there in the mix, examining what that action meant for his community and his people. Fast forward three years later, as we pay tribute to the life and budding legacy of Michael Brown, trumpeter and internationally known musician from Ferguson, MO, Keyon Harrold releases two new songs as a homage to the heartbreaking events that ravaged his community.

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“MB Lament” and “When Will It Stop,” the latter which features actor-and-comedian Guy Torry, are both from Keyon Harrold’s upcoming new album. Paying respects to his hometown roots, while encouraging the youth from his city to not be affected by inequality and injustice — “MB Lament” is a soul-stirring, emotive track that will tug at every fiber of your being. “‘MB Lament’ is a cry for change and compassion,” says Keyon, “and ‘When Will It Stop’ adds lyrical context. Both push the question on whether black lives really do matter in this day and age and, if so, when will the violence against them stop.”

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With another solid effort in the works from Keyon Harrold, press play on this immensely important song, pay your respects to the fallen and stay tuned to @Okayplayer as we await word from what’s next from the jazz music great.

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