Kaytranada Releases Three Hot Fire Beats Via His Soundcloud Page

Kaytranada Releases Three Hot Fire Beats Via His Soundcloud Page

by Kevito
September 03, 2017 9:05 AM

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Source: Twitter

The uber-successful producer and artist, Kaytranada, did a surprise drop of three new instrumentals through his Soundcloud page. Listen to them now!

The best way for an artist to stay sharp is by honing his or her craft. For Montreal producer, Kaytranada, he chooses to do this in the most surprisingly random ways. Last night (Sept. 2), the 99.9% architect released three new tracks on his Soundcloud page. Now, before you jump out the window and start talking new project and whatnot, these are all instrumentals with varying degrees of sounds.

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“2017 07 04” is a boom bap-esque groove with a heavy bottom bassline and a kicking snare riff. Add to the mix the keys and you have a sound that is ill enough to make one think they have the flu. “2017 09 01 – SUS” is anything but, as Kaytranada expertly takes it back to the dark days of hip-hop with this beat fueled by ominous piano keys and a plodding drum hit. Think early DMX mixed with some Montreal flair.

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Last, but certainly not least, is “2017 – 38,” which is a bouncy beat that encourages the two-stepper in us all. Sounding like an extra bonus cut from 0.01%, “2017 – 38” is warm goodness that calls upon the sunshine for inspiration. We encourage you to listen to these songs on repeat, while supporting his earlier efforts “Meditation” with GoldLink and his remix of Gorillaz’s “Strobelite” featuring Peven Everett.

Also, be sure to listen to his most recent project, a collaborative EP titled Ocean & Montana by Kaytranada and Compton’s own Buddy.

2017 07 04

2017 09 01 – SUS

2017 – 38

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