Kaytranada Calls Reports Of A New Album “Fake News”

Kaytranada Calls Reports Of A New Album “Fake News”

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The 25-year-old DJ and producer, Kaytranada, says no to those thinking that he has a new album coming out.

Wildly popular and influential DJ and producer, Kaytranada, went on Instagram Live to joke about his “upcoming” sophomore album. Before anyone could get in on the funniness, music publications all tried to take him seriously and put it out under the guise of an announcement.

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Now, Kaytra is calling out “fake news” to those who decided to believe the hype. “I ain’t droppin’ no damn album,” he said via his personal Twitter page. “They [the media] forgot to mention that I said ‘SIKE!’ afterwards! Sorry y’all.” As you know, the Twitizens, even when told the truth, still find something to criticize about. In little to no time, people began to pull Kaytranada’s cards for “playing with his fans’ emotions”.

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“Why am I the dick?” Kaytra asked. “Blogs are telling y’all fake news and y’all believing it. That ain’t fair.” Despite not dropping anything personally, Kaytra still has new work in collaborations with some dope artists. Most recently, he worked with Cassie for “Don’t Play It Safe,” and is finalizing the last bit of sounds for Craig David’s upcoming track, “Live in the Moment,” featuring GoldLink.

Source: Complex

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