Watch Kari Faux’s Music Video For “Gotta Know”

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Kari Faux Releases "Gotta Know" Music Video
Source: YouTube

Kari Faux shares the music video for her latest song, “Gotta Know.”

The Little Rock, Arkansas artist has dropped the music video for a new song titled “Gotta Know” and it’s sure to ride out these last sunny and warm days left before fall really hits.

The video offers a nostalgic, ’90s vibe as Faux ventures through a city wearing an assortment of different wardrobes. But underneath the visuals “Gotta Know” tells a story of self-acceptance and not seeking validation through others.

“You either damned if you do/and you damned if you won’t/So you might as well go ahead and do what you want,” Faux sings, before Jerry Paper (who also produced the track) offers on the song’s chorus: “You spent most of your life/Picking out your clothes/What do they all think of you now/You’ve just got to know.”

The song seems to be a part of a forthcoming project titled PRIMARY, according to a caption that accompanies the music video.

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