Two New Kanye West Songs—"Euro" + "Hold Tight"—Leak Online

Two Kanye West Songs "Hold Tight," "Euro" Leak Featuring A$AP Rocky, Migos + Young Thug

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Kanye West has been in the lab, but are these two songs legit or nah?

UPDATE: “Hold Tight” featuring Young Thug and Migos has been pulled from the web.

The G.O.O.D. Music impresario, Kanye West, has taken his MPC, cavalcade of creatives and vibes to the mountains of Wyoming to develop his next musical effort. Heads have been jonesing for new work from the man who made “Jesus Walks” and thank Yeezus our prayers have been answered.

A group calling themselves “Music Mafia” (yes, they’re the ones who hacked Drake‘s Twitter account) — has dropped what appears to be two songs related to Kanye’s upcoming album. The first, “Euro,” is a trap-esque beat if made in the dungeon of Metro Boomin’. Featuring the jiggy fly human being known as A$AP Rocky, the two make for a swanky, swangin’ combination that could get some play in a nightclub on a drunk-and-high Friday night.

The second song, “Hold Tight,” is a full effort that finds Yeezy “acting like he’s white” alongside Migos and Young Thug. Resurrecting his 808s auto-tune voice, “Hold Tight” sounds like it samples Afrika Bambaataa‘s “Looking For The Perfect Beat,” while giving the South’s newest chart-topping heroes a fresh sound bed to jump all over.

With “Hold Tight” + “Euro” out in the world now, it’ll only be a matter of time before they’ll get pulled. Listen to them for yourself and let us know which song you like best by hitting us up @Okayplayer.

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