J. Period Gives Us Vibranium Vibes With His OutKast / ‘Black Panther’-Inspired Mixtape ‘#WakandaForeverEver’

J. Period Gives Us Vibranium Vibes With His OutKast / ‘Black Panther’-Inspired Mixtape ‘#WakandaForeverEver’

by Kevito
2 years ago

#WakandaForeverEver artwork designed by Dan Lish

J. Period’s exclusive journey into the secret forests of East Wakanda and Stankonia has blessed us with a new mix called #WakandaForeverEver.

J. Period is not only family to the site here at Okayplayer, but he’s a pretty talented (see: award-winning) DJ and producer. On the one-year-anniversary of his OutKast mixtape (OutKast: ReFixed), JP takes listeners into the secret forests of East Wakanda and Stankonia for a ride you won’t soon forget.

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#WakandaForeverEver explores the roots of hip-hop through the African drums and musical intersections between those expressed in Marvel’s Black Panther score and the intergalactic funk of OutKast. Currently available for streaming a day early (listen here or below) — #WakandaForeverEver is Afro-futurism in audio form with soundbites from director Ryan Coogler on his billion-dollar-plus blockbuster, and various rappers speaking on life, liberty and the pursuit of fighting injustice.

It is a moment to continue to appreciate the creative level that we are witnessing here, people. What started as a conversation between two friends (J. Period and fellow family member to the site, April Reign) grew into an idea about describing what hip-hop is all about. Mirrored in part after Black Panther, listeners are taken throughout the creation, innovation, and celebration of this culture that has become a world phenomenon, using André 3000 and Big Boi as our sonic leading men. “When I began to explore the musical connections between the worlds of Black Panther and OutKast, it just unlocked a universe of possibilities,” J. Period said to VIBE’s Datwon Thomas.

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With artwork by famed illustrator Dan Lish, #WakandaForeverEver embodies the best of hip-hop—originality, style, swagger, strength, family, vibes, and, of course, lyrics—while showing us the future. “‘Black Panther’ is such a phenomenon and has sparked so much conversation in the hip-hop community,” professed J. Period in that same chat with VIBE. “The core of hip-hop is the drum, and when you break it down to the essence, the story of the drum, of Africa, of the Diaspora, of using rhythm and music to tell stories…those are all part of the fabric of hip-hop.”

This beautiful piece of art aims to spark conversations that hip-hop heads and their progeny have been having for years. It is that same conversation which awarded Jay-Z his first Peabody Award, Common his first Oscar, and Kendrick Lamar his first Pulitzer—the rawness, the truth within the beats, rhymes and lives. With all that said, press play on #WakandaForeverEver below, cop your tickets to the “Skew It On The BBQ: OutKast Brunch,” and be sure to download the tape for a special surprise from Black Panther star Sterling K. Brown, which is only available at JPeriod.com.

#WakandaForeverEver Tracklist:

1. Wakandan Airlines [Sky High] [J.PERIOD Remix]
2. Seasons Change b/w Afro-Future [J.PERIOD Remix]
3. Wakanda vs. Babylon [J.PERIOD Remix]
4. T’Challa vs. Killmonger [Elevation Anthem] [J.PERIOD Remix]
5. T’Rosa Parks [J.PERIOD Remix]
6. Royal Panther b/w Wakandan Belle [J.PERIOD Remix]
7. All Hail The Dora Milaje [Interlude]
8. Wakandan Church Cookout [J.PERIOD Remix]
9. Storytellin’ [J.PERIOD “Fela-bration” Remix] feat. Daniel Crawford
10. WakandATLiens [J.PERIOD Remix]
11. Jabariland Outkasts [Outtro] [J.PERIOD Remix]
12. Bombs Over Wakanda [Reprise] [J.PERIOD Remix]
13. Bonus: T’Challa in ATL [J.PERIOD Remix]

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