Joi Continues To Clear Her Own Path On “Stare At Me” [Premiere]

Joi Continues To Clear Her Own Path On “Stare At Me” [Premiere]

Joi Gilliam Continues To Clear Her Own Path On “Stare At Me” [Premiere]

Source: Joi Gilliam

The iconic R&B trailblazer, Joi, sends shockwaves through speakers on her S.I.R. Rebekkah Holylove standout, “Stare At Me”.

“Change requires action. Either you sit idly by and let the world stay the same as it passes you by, or you get up and make your mark.”

Those words from R&B icon, Joi’s press bio resonate with yours truly, as I have never known the songstress to be stuck in neutral. Forever in drive, this passionate artist and celebrated trailblazer continues to leave a lasting impression, as she readies her next project, S.I.R. Rebekkah Holylove for mass consumption.

“I get excited to pull the machete out and clear my own path,” Joi said. “After all of these years, music is still a lifeline to sanity, memory, and inspiration for me. It’s the most powerful medium, for better or worse. I hope you feel what I’m doing.” Answer: Yes, we certainly do. Recording “Stare At Me” in her own studio dubbed “the funky jewelry box,” Joi presents a seductive essence with her own brand of vocal progression.

“[‘Stare At Me’] speaks on having your thoughts hijacked,” Joi revealed. “It’s about the deep desire to be seen and want to be on someone’s mind because of this social media and digital obsession we have.” All things that I can attest to as someone who has been obsessed with Joi, also known as “Star Kitty,” since she unlocked Pandora’s Box on a very, very classic cut entitled “Lick”. “Stare At Me” is just one link in a powerfully female-centric chain. “[S.I.R. covers the spectrum of one’s highest self. It is a self-recognition of being God in the flesh as a black woman, specifically,” Joi admitted. “It’s a sexually liberated and free-thinking space. It’s an unapologetic dissection of my thoughts, actions, and interactions.

If you’re like millions of other people in this life, you acknowledge the divine timing of this song and project. “I want to incite an honest and guttural reaction,” Joi shares, which is perfect as that is something we need now more than ever. “We’ve become so accustomed to treating music as microwaveable morsels that we don’t live with music and let it permeate us in a real ass way. I’d ask you live with S.I.R. Whatever you get from doing so, I’m cool with.”

Without any further ado, we are excited and proud to present the first release from Joi’s S.I.R. Rebekkah Holylove album, “Stare At Me,” which you can listen to below.

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