What Do Irv Gotti & Kanye West Have Cooking Up In The Studio?

What Do Irv Gotti & Kanye West Have Cooking Up In The Studio?

by Kevito
3 years ago

Source: Instagram

Irv Gotti has something big in the works with Kanye West. What is it? We cannot wait to find out!

Irv Gotti has always been a big thinker and excellent executor of ideas. Hell, you low-key have him to thank for that whole “surprise album” idea. And, of course, he was behind three of the biggest MCs in all of hip-hop culture (Jay-Z, DMX and Ja Rule) and helped found the Murder Inc. label that served as a blueprint for how well pop and hip-hop meshed together.

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Well, now, the hip-hop mogul has slyly announced something brewing with another creative genius, Kanye West. There hasn’t been any concrete details about what their collaboration entails, but Irv made no secret that his recent meeting with Kanye Tudda was fruitful and productive. “When two people like me and Kanye get together, hip-hop is about to get something enormous,” Irv wrote via his Instagram.

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“Like enormous. Two crazy out of the box thinkers that only think about serving the world! [Laughs] Stay tuned. Great, great, great meeting of the minds. Like I told him, we have to take a pic of this. #KanyeAndGotti. Shout out to @GodsMessenger. Thank you, my ni***!” The photo confirms that Kanye is possibly finished with his hiatus after he was hospitalized in late 2016. Add this to his recent return to the stage earlier this month at a Kid Cudi concert in Chicago, and it looks like the Louis Vuitton Don is back and ready to serve the people once again.

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