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Illa J Steps Away From J Dilla’s Shadow on New Album ‘John Yancey’

Illa J Steps Away From J Dilla’s Shadow on New Album ‘John Yancey’

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Illa J connects with Calvin Valentine again. 

Rapper and producer Illa J has released his new album, John Yancey. In some ways, the album is a sequel to the LP he put out last year, Home. 

On both projects, Illa J is working exclusively with Los Angeles based producer Calvin Valentine.

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Home was very much a project about Detroit. John Yancey is about Illa’s time in LA. And this is reflected in the music, which is bright and groovy. (Especially the sunny single “Enjoy The Ride.”)

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When describing John Yancey, Illa J says that the album is “more personal than all of my projects…I basically talk about the ups and downs of all my relationships over the past 10 years.”

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One of the throughlines on the album is Illa J trying to step away from the gigantic shadow of his older brother J Dilla:

It makes sense that it ended up being called John Yancey because for so long in my career I felt like I was tryna be me and my brother, and I’m finally at peace, like I’m not J Dilla’s younger brother Illa J, I’m James younger brother John.

Stream Illa J’s John Yancey below.



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