Goldlink Appears to Address Domestic Violence Speculation Around Sheck Wes In “Justine’s Interlude”

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Last year, Justine Skye opened up about surviving domestic violence and liked tweets suggesting Sheck Wes was her abuser.

Goldlink premiered his new song “Justine’s Interlude” during a performance on the YouTube channel COLORS.

The DC rapper addresses allegations of domestic violence and the relationship between Brooklyn singer Justine Skye and Harlem rapper Sheck Wes.

In October of 2018, Skye opened up about surviving a physically abusive relationship and released her music video for “Build.” She went on to speak more about the experience on The Breakfast Club . Though she declined to name him, she liked tweets from fans suggesting Sheck Wes was her abuser.

READJustine Skye Liked Tweets Suggesting Sheck Wes Was Her Abuser

On “Justine’s Interlude,” GoldLink, who is friends with Skye, raps about the rumors, mentioning the singer and an unnamed man from Harlem:

“I think it’s funny how blogs talk

Funny how many shows I had went to where models walk

So many stories ‘bout you and so-and-so who from Harlem

It ain’t too many from Harlem, so take a guess.”

Then he alludes to domestic violence, saying,

“Tired of fancy dinners, I’m tired of diamond ballin’

I’m tired of hearin’ ‘bout if this nigga put hands on you

Tired of tryna smile through shit that’s affectin’ us

And I get to overthinkin’ if I’m here messin’ up.”

READJustine Skye Opens Up About Surviving an Abusive Relationship

In the Breakfast Club interview, Skye said she hasn’t named her abuser because she doesn’t think hip-hop audiences would care and suggests they’d still support him.

“Maybe one day I’ll say who it is, but I don’t think people would really care,” she said. “Because in rap culture, people don’t care. It doesn’t matter what the artist did, it’s about how talented they are. They’ll still be bumping their music… There’s literally people who have know me before they even knew this person who will look at me and be like, ‘Oh you’re trying to ruin this kid’s career, and this was a learning [experience] for him.’”

Wes has not addressed the allegations.

At one point in the song, Goldlink also addresses the death of Mac Miller, rapping,

“Mac died and I couldn’t talk, couldn’t bear the thought

Two days before it, we was talkin’ ‘bout love and loss

Then he mentioned Ariana’s mom and newer songs

Never told a soul, but I knew he was dead all along

You do somethin’ to me.”

Watch Goldlink perform “Justine’s Interlude” above.

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