GoldLink, Jazmine Sullivan + KAYTRANADA Get Artsy In New “Meditation” Video

GoldLink, Jazmine Sullivan + KAYTRANADA Get Artsy In New “Meditation” Video

by Kevito
August 21, 2017 12:58 PM

Source: GoldLink

GoldLink takes fans on a trip through the wild-fantastic in the video for his Jazmine Sullivan and KAYTRANADA-assisted single “Meditation”.

Fresh from releasing a five-track EP full of “Crew” remixes, GoldLink has pulled out his artistic cap for the video of his At What Cost standout cut, “Meditation”.

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Featuring Jazmine Sullivan and KAYTRANADA — viewers are taken into the inside of a nightclub while GoldLink raps about a complicated relationship with an ex. “I still call ya / Whichever way you want it, baby girl, it’s on ya / I got the money, you got the problems, so I can solve it / But I still need ya / I still see ya,” GL raps.

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Jazmine’s vocals help soothe the painful lost of his past love, KAYTRANADA puts the energy of “wanting to be more than homies” into his production. Without giving too much away, “Meditation” has been revealed to be inspired by GoldLink’s hometown. “It’s kind of like a West Side Story, in a way — as far as it’s a guy who sees a girl. This guy is from one neighborhood and the girl is from another rivaling neighborhood.”

Check out how things end in “Meditation,” as this trio of superstar talent shows off their skills in the video below:

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