Okayplayer’s Own Ginny Suss Chronicled By Red Bull For ‘MAVENS’ Web-Series

Okayplayer’s Own Ginny Suss Chronicled By Red Bull For ‘MAVENS’ Web-Series

The vice president of our illustrious company, Ginny Suss, shares her wisdom, inner strength and memories of the 2016 Women’s March with Red Bull Music.

Full disclosure: I’ve worked with Ginny Suss for two years and she continually manages to surprise me. Last year, when we were all fighting against Donald Trump and standing with Hillary Clinton (or Bernie Sanders) — America was frightened of the proposed future of a reality TV star president. Unfortunately, that came to pass, but Ginny (along with some other powerful like-minds) continued the war on hate by developing the Women’s March. Millions of women, men and those against ignorance went down to Washington, D.C. to let their voices be heard, and promise that we would not let Trump trump our positive efforts.

Red Bull noticed this fact and brought in the vice president of @Okayplayer for their MAVENS web-series. “A bonafide superhero,” the company calls her, and rightfully so. Ginny is a jill-of-all-trades. Whether she is putting together a massive project for @OkayAfrica (#100Women) or helping us bring the livest flavors to you via our #OKPLive segments on Facebook — Ginny is always up for the challenge to push the envelope and make the world dance to our collective beats. Her real-life superpowers are examined in this nine-minute-plus video, which you can watch above.

Before we take over Philly this weekend for our Red Bull collaborative event (#3DaysInPhilly w/ Syd from The Internet) — watch as Ginny Suss discusses her mentor, Rich Nichols; her family upbringing; tour managing The Roots and her work in producing this year’s Women’s March on Washington in the video above.

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