Watch the Action-Packed Video for Ghostface Killah’s New Single “Conditioning”

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Watch the Action-Packed Video for Ghostface Killah's New Single "Conditioning"
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I still jog in the hills of Brazil…

Ghostface Killah is back. On Monday, July 8th, the rapper dropped his new single “Conditioning,” which was produced by Danny Caiazzo.

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In the video, which was directed by Rock Davis, we see Ghost take cues from Triple Frontier, the Netflix-heist movie starring Ben Affleck. Ghost and a crew of masked men rob a mansion. The video ends in a violent manner.

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“Conditioning” is the first single from Ghost’s upcoming album, GhostfaceKillahs, which drops in August. it will be the first official solo Ghost album since Twelve Reasons to Die II came out in 2015.


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