Here’s Our First-Take Listen To Daniel Caesar’s ‘Freudian’ Album

Here’s Our First-Take Listen To Daniel Caesar’s ‘Freudian’ Album

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The talented Toronto singer-songwriter, Daniel Caesar, takes us into the inner-recesses of his mind, but is it worth your time and coins?

Let it be known that when Daniel Caesar came to our office space slash HQ, yours truly told the 22-year-old budding R&B artist that he was slated to be a star. Fast forward to today, Aug. 25, the release day of his album, Freudian, hitting the people — and I am not-so-cocky enough to say that I am right. The Toronto singer-songwriter, raised in gospel music and truth-telling, has a revelatory project that stands as an outlier to the overtly sexualized R&B music that pollutes the radio airwaves nowadays.

Carefully created by Daniel Caesar and his production team, led by Jordan Evans and Matthew Burnett, Freudian is the culmination of getting to the roots of one’s self, analyzing it and stripping it down to its bare essence. Mixed by Riley Bell and recorded mainly in the 6ix with the help of Jordan Manswell, Wesley Allen and Nevon SinclairFreudian tackles subjects such as sex, spirituality, life, love and loss all told through the vocal gymnastics of Daniel Caesar.

Featuring standout appearances from Charlotte Day Wilson, Kali Uchis and Syd of The InternetFreudian ramps up the classic key-and-guitar-based approach by adding smoothly crisp synths, funky basslines and church harmonies that make this project stand out all its own. Another entry for #BlackExcellence consideration, Daniel Caesar’s Freudian is a worthy addition to anyone’s collection.

Like our previous entries, this first-take listen of Freudian features all substance, no filter, no rewinding and no replays of any kind. Please be sure to support the artist by copping Freudian for yourself and your friend. Enjoy!

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