First Look Friday: Get A Good Look At Singer-Songwriter Gavin Turek

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First Look Friday: Gavin Turek Interview
Photo of Gavin Turek taken by James Malone of Tunnel Vision Fotos for Okayplayer.
First Look Friday: Gavin Turek Interview

Photo Credit: James Malone of Tunnel Vision Fotos for Okayplayer.

Upon first hearing this week’s First Look Friday subject, Gavin Turek, your ears might have told your brain, “Hey, she sounds familiar!” And trust us, you wouldn’t be wrong, as the talented Los Angeles native has worked with Tuxedo (Mayer Hawthorne Jake One) and TOKiMONSTA in previous years with much success. It was when we heard her Surrender remixes project from last year that prompted us to reach out with an interview request. So, imagine our surprise when the plug made it possible to not only speak with the curly coiffured cutie, but confirmed that she would enter into the hallowed halls of OKP HQ.

Arriving early and armed to the brim with positivity, Gavin was a bright ray of sunshine on what was a cold, muggy morning photoshoot in Brooklyn. Immediately, what impacted our photographer, James Malone, was her toned legs — the mark of a trained dancer. Singing riffs in-between snaps, Gavin quietly flexed her vocal skills and rapped with us about her time spent in Harlem, showcasing her acting charisma that will surely take her from the studio to the soundstage. If you were snoozing on this artist, please pop in The Break-Up Tape and get familiar quickly. Gavin is equally skilled at writing songs as she is singing them, so listening to songs like “Good Look For You,” “On The Line” and “Hemisphere” are peeks into her diary so to speak.

With that said, Gavin Turek is smart, revealing and funny in this First Look Friday interview where she talks about her influences, how music helped with the traumas of last year and shares what she’s learned about herself since entering the music biz. Below, we have a premiere track called “The Distance,” where you can see just where 2017 is going to take her. Enjoy!

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