Faith Evans Talks ‘The King & I,’ Unreleased B.I.G. + More In New Interview

Moments With Faith Evans As She Talks ‘The King & I,’ Unreleased B.I.G. + More

by Kevito
3 years ago

For the first episode of our newest video installment Moments With we got a chance to build with the R&B legend, Faith Evans, about her late husband’s unreleased vocals + her album, The King & I, out now.

After months of waiting and blasting singles from Faith EvansThe King & I — the Queen arrived at our castle to hold court. Statuesque from the gate, Faith commanded our attention with an effortless smile and a charm beguiling her roots.

In town on a press run for her duet album, The King & I, with her late husband, Christopher Wallace (better known as The Notorious B.I.G.) — Faith was excited to talk about the work she did and share some never-before-told stories from her past. “When I first met Puff, he needed someone to do one line on this Usher record,” Faith told us about how she got her start. “I wasn’t there [in the studio] to do any type of singing, but I went in there and rearranged the part. When I came out he asked me if I would be interested in signing to his new label. Puff took me to the tanning salon,” Faith shared with us. “I just had a baby and I was like, ‘I gotta lose some weight,’ and he was like, ‘Nah, I got you. We gonna take care of that. We gonna go to the tanning salon because you’re a bit pale [laughs].” It was definitely a family affair during those early days at Bad Boy Records.

We also touched upon how it felt to mend her relationship with Lil’ Kim, a close companion of The Notorious One. It’s been no secret that these two didn’t see eye-to-eye, but when Big passed, so did any issue she had with the Queen Bee. “I was very happy to see our collaboration [on The King & I] happen because I had actually reached out to Kim to do a song with me a few albums ago. It didn’t happen, but God has his time and this is how it was supposed to be.”

Faith Evans took her career to the next level through hard work, ingenuity and creating chart-topping hit after hit that endured her to multiple generations of music lovers. It was an absolute pleasure to be in the presence of a true music great, so without further ado, we encourage you to press play on our “Moments With” with the first lady of Bad Boy, Faith Evans above.


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