Elujay Offers Cool Vibes Alongside Chris McClenney + Zikomo On “Streamin’”

Elujay Offers Cool Vibes Alongside Chris McClenney + Zikomo On “Streamin’”

Elujay Offers Cool Vibes Alongside Chris McClenney + Zikomo On “Streamin’”

Source: Elujay

Oakland’s own Elujay teams up with Chris McClenney and Zikomo for this hip-hop / neo-soul inspired, infectious summer smash.

21-year-old Elujay blends silky vocals with funkdafied lyrics on the breezy cut, “Streamin’,” which features production by Chris McClenney and Zikomo. Blessed with perky guitar picks, a groovy bass-synth and a swing that would make a class of first graders excited — “Streamin’” is definitely worth doing just that on repeat.

“He [Chris McClenney] sent me this song with these off kilter drums, super in the pocket, and it really resonated with me,” Elujay said in a released statement. “I’ve known Chris for half a year and we’ve been going back and forth about records for a while. I showed the beat to Julia Lewis, my go to producer friend. He was super inspired by it so we sat down for about an hour and I wrote the whole song while he added some sauce to the production. I sent it to Chris and he was really excited by it and he laced it with a verse and it came together.”

For those just getting familiar with the Oakland original, Elujay’s naturally laid-back delivery fits right in the groove over those tasty, soulful sounds. With “Streamin’,” Elujay finds himself in his lane and we appreciate this being out for the hot summer season. The end result of this trio coming together means a bouncy, cool single for you to play during your rooftop BBQ shindigs. With his forthcoming follow-up to 2016’s Jentrify, Avnt Garde, coming out soon, Elujay has big plans for the effort. “‘Avnt Garde’ is based around the theme of correlating visual art and music,” he explained. “I wanted to make songs that weren’t traditional because that’s what avant garde is loosely based around. I feel like a lot of music nowadays isn’t focused on the art aspect anymore, it’s overshadowed by image and persona.”

Understand the importance of art by pressing play on “Streamin’” below and keep an eye out for Avnt Garde to hit sometime this fall.

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