Drumma Boy Speaks on Producing Classics for Everyone From Scarface to Gucci Mane [INTERVIEW]

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I wanted to touch on your older brother who was killed earlier in the year. You put out a song, “Live on.” Was it a difficult song to write?

No, it was easy to write just because of the pain. I was going through so much pain, and this killer is still on the run. He’s still on the loose. They ain’t caught him yet, so like, as opposed to me going to try and find this motherfucker, let me just stay focused, lock myself in the studio, and give it to you verbally, which I figured would be much more powerful.

Did you take time off when he passed?

I really couldn’t, you know what I mean? It was a financial burden for my family, and nobody could handle that burden but me. So no.

“Live On” is going to be part of a bigger project?

Live On is an album.

What can you tell me about it?

What would you want to do if you just lost your biggest influence? You know what I’m saying? It’s not really a depressed album. I think “Live On” is the deepest, darkest song of the album, which I had to get done first. Then it gets happier because at the end of the day, it’s a celebration of life. You know what I mean? The people he touched, the legacy that he left, and the things that have come together because of this situation is very weird, but meant to be.

Do you know what his favorite Drumma Boy song was?

Plies and T-Pain’s “Shawty.” We made it together.

What was his role?

He did part of the beat, and then I come in and kind of polished it up, added some stuff to it, put it in the right hands, shopped it, got it to T-Pain, and released it.

Is there something you feel like we need to touch on, that you need to add?

I did a big song for cryptocurrency called “XYO,” which is a new coin kind of like Bitcoin. They’re the first cryptocurrency to sponsor NASCAR. They’ve got Star Wars owners behind them, and the Bitcoin foundation founder. He just joined us, Dan Bilzerian is over there doing a lot of stuff. It’s cool to be on that advisor board. I’m also on the advisor board of Tracklib, just a sample-based company where you can clear records and sample stuff. They have libraries. Their library game is huge.

Source: Artist

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