DJ Jazzy Jeff's Partner In Crime Will Smith Joins Him For “Skaters Paradise” Video

DJ Jazzy Jeff's Partner In Crime Will Smith Joins Him For “Skaters Paradise” Video

Stream DJ Jazzy Jeff’s First Independent Album ‘M3’

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DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince reunite for “Skaters Paradise,” the first single from the former’s new album, M3.

DJ Jazzy Jeff’s M3 has not left my daily rotation since it dropped 10 days ago. It is such a good effort and continues to develop the narrative of grown man rap that inspires hip-hop fans of all ages. With that said, the final installment of his Magnificent series finds the Grammy Award-winning producer and turntablist releasing the first single, “Skaters Paradise,” which features Jeff showing how hip-hop has influenced the world.

STREAM: DJ Jazzy Jeff’s Final ‘Magnificent’ Entry ‘M3’ Featuring Rhymefest

Directed by Cristopher Schafer, “Skaters Paradise” sees fellow Grammy Award-winning MC Rhymefest and Philly’s own Dayne Jordan hop from one exotic location to the next, sharing what it’s like to see the world as part of DJ Jazzy Jeff’s crew. From Naples, Italy to Tokyo, Japan to Bali, Indonesia — draws hip-hop fans in with its infectious energy and beautiful sights. It is so live and in living color that Jeff’s old partner-in-crime, Will Smith, joins in on all the fun.

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M3 is Jeff’s first studio album to be released as an independent artist. Unhindered from label restrictions, wack legal red tape, and corporate limitations — M3 features contributions from James Poyser, Stro Elliot, Uhmeer, and the aforementioned Rhymefest and Dayne Jordan as M3’s primary storytellers. Together they lay the foundation for M3 hodgepodge mix of R&B, funk, hip-hop, and house. So, if you haven’t listened to M3 yet, you should definitely get a copy and crank this one way past 10.

Watch “Skaters Paradise” below, and keep an eye out for DJ Jazzy Jeff to hopefully bless our office space sometime soon.

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