DJ Jazzy Jeff Believes Chance the Rapper Would Make The Perfect ‘Fresh Prince’

DJ Jazzy Jeff Believes Chance the Rapper Would Make The Perfect ‘Fresh Prince’

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The hip-hop legend, DJ Jazzy Jeff, offers his opinion as to why Chance the Rapper should dip his toes into acting and become a successor to Will Smith on TV.

Chance the Rapper has already shown he has the acting chops, appearing in a short film a few years ago and hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live last year. People have been clamoring for him to do more work, and one of those names at the top of the list is a hip-hop legend, DJ Jazzy Jeff. In speaking with HipHopDX, Jeff believes that the Chicago rapper would make a great successor to Will Smith on a rebooted version of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

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With a rumored return to the television screen being bandied around, the original, early-’90s sitcom was a boon for Will Smith and helped to increase hip-hop around the globe. For Will, professionally, he became one of the most recognizable and highest-paid actors in the world. Despite his charisma and natural comedic timing, opinions of Chano taking over the role that Smith still defines are divided.

But Jeff’s thought may split the vote.

“I think Chance would be a really good Fresh Prince,” Jeff told DX. “‘Cause Chance always seems to have a light-hearted demeanor. He’s got a serious side to him but Chance is always smiling. Chance is always trying to do something really positive. I think Chance would be a really good Fresh Prince.” He not only noted Chance’s upbeat personality, but also his personal drive, which Jeff compared positively to Smith’s own.

“Chance is a trailblazer and Will has always been a trailblazer,” he elaborates. “There has never been an ‘I can’t’ [in their vocabulary]. I think I really got a lot of that from [Smith], that ‘There’s no Plan B.’ Plan B just means you think that Plan A can fail. It’s just ‘This is what I’m gonna do and I just need to do it.’ There’s no ‘I hope it happens.’ It may take a little time but I’m just gonna do it.”

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“For Chance to be as young as he is, to remain independent, to understand just even a little bit about the music industry, I think is great because it’s very easy to fall into those pitfalls,” Jeff said to DX. “It’s very easy for someone to bring you a suitcase full of money, and it changes your entire perspective instead of realizing, ‘I probably could have 10 suitcases full of money if I just keep my product to myself.’”

Will this dream collaboration become reality? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure — Jeff and Will will ensure that whoever steps up into the role will have the road paved with platinum and gold.

Watch what Jeff says about Lil’ Chano from the 79th below:

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