Does This Cop Really Know Who Killed Jam Master Jay?

Does This Cop Really Know Who Killed Jam Master Jay?

Source: Derrick Parker

Former NYPD detective Derrick Parker, better known as the Hip-Hop Cop, believes the Jam Master Jay case could be closed soon.

Two years ago, we sat down with former NYPD detective Derrick Parker to discuss his time as the man known around the industry as “the Hip-Hop Cop”. During our chat, he offered insight into the murders of three hip-hop legends: Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G. and Jam Master Jay. Now, fast forward to an interview the cop did with DJ Vlad, and there seems to be movement on the latter case involving the late Run-DMC DJ.

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“I would say that any case out of the big three, that [Jam Master Jay] case is close to being somewhat solved,” Parker told DJ Vlad in a newly released video. “Hopefully soon, I hope.” In the very same clip, Parker hints at a still-gestating rumor that Jay was tied up in a drug ring, which he claims are “somewhat true.” Next Monday, Oct. 30, will mark 15 years since Jam Master Jay’s fatal murder in a Queens, New York recording studio.

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Despite multiple eyewitnesses, security cameras and the like — it seems that no one has been willing to come forward to get justice for the late hip-hop legend. Parker says that the delay in changing Jay’s murder from “unsolved” to “solved” comes from “witness cooperation,” “corroboration of evidence” and “the willingness of the D.A. office at that time to go forward with the prosecution of who was involved.”

Peep what Derrick Parker had to say in full by watching the DJ Vlad video below.

Source: HHDX

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