DAVIE Brings Us Into ‘Black Gospel’ With New Video For “Testify” [Premiere]

DAVIE Brings Us Into ‘Black Gospel’ With New Video For “Testify” [Premiere]

DAVIE Brings Us Into ‘Black Gospel’ With New Video For “Testify” [Premiere]

Source: Shane Greenburg

Once the beat for “Testify” kicks in, your body gravitates toward the Creator and moves towards the spirit of connecting to DAVIE.

A revival is coming.

A praise and worship of the divine is in the wind, as changes present itself at every turn. DAVIE, a raw, rapturous and euphoric singer from New Jersey, has combined these holy ingredients into a beautiful visual concoction titled, “Testify,” which comes from his 2017 debut EP, Black Gospel.

“I connect with the simplicity and movement of gospel and soul,” DAVIE explained in a press release. “The music just moves you. You want to clap. You feel inspired to participate. You don’t just listen with your ears; you listen with your hands, your feet and your whole body. That’s how you respond. I hopefully make records people could respond to in more ways than one.”

“Testify” is exactly an example of what DAVIE is talking about. Full of jubilee, revelation and soul — DAVIE imbues the video, directed by Erin Elders, with heart and strength. Though it takes place in a house of worship, “Testify” could’ve happened anywhere: a revival tent, a festival tent, a parking lot, wherever.

According to DAVIE, Black Gospel is not actually about “being black or revival,” but the energy is surely there. And it is worth checking out, so, with that said, please press play on “Testify,” plus share your own testimony in the comments section below.

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