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Dave Chappelle Refuses to Stop Making Transphobic Jokes

At a show in Madison Square Garden, Dave Chappelle told the crowd his truce with the LGBTQ community was only in effect when the cameras are on.

For a comedian who claimed his last special would mark the end of a self-starting feud with LGBTQ community, Dave Chappelle seems like he isn’t even trying to get past it. Now in the middle of a tour for his new Untitled documentary (which he claimed to be forced into because of the reception to said special,) the comedian has yet to go a single stop without bringing up what he insists is a cancellation attempt or the people he believes to be behind it.

And it continued this week in New York City, where the comedian hopped onstage after the screening and proclaimed his truce with the LGTBQ community was only in effect when the cameras are on (fitting for a comedian who requires show attendees to lock their phones up in pouches.) According to a report from The Daily Beast, Chappelle also riffed on “week four of being canceled.” In a bit on a racist neighbor he had to get a restraining order against, Chappelle reportedly told the audience his wife bought him a pearl-handled pistol (presumably to defend himself,) and that should he actually have to use it, the last thing a person would say to him would be “fa***t.” In the event he was actually arrested, Chappelle claimed he would tell police he identified as a woman to lock in a better prison placement. The comedian went on to tell the audience he offered to pay for his neighbor’s therapy, but that any subsequent payments for health services would have to be done secretly as to avoid random people knocking on his door asking him to pay for their medical treatment, specifically trans people seeking assistance with their surgeries.

The comedian previously responded to the backlash against his special, The Closer, in a short clip taken from another stop on the documentary screening tour. “I said what I said. And boy, I heard what you said,” Chappelle told a crowd in London. “You said you want a safe working environment at Netflix. It seems like I’m the only one who can’t go to the office,” Chappelle added, referring to a walkout at the streamer’s Los Angeles headquarters staged in protest of their defense of the comedian, who in his special copped to being “Team TERF,” aka a trans-exclusionary feminist. The material in The Closer has caused an uproar both at Netflix and amongst Chappelle’s younger fans. Students at the comedian’s Washinton D.C. alma mater voiced their discomfort with the school’s decision to name a theater after him and, at one point, planned their own walkout in protest.

“They’re canceling stuff I didn’t even want to do,” Chappelle hit back during another tour stop.





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