New Music: Daniel Caesar Is In The Zone On "We Find Love" + "Blessed"

New Music: Daniel Caesar Is In The Zone On "We Find Love" + "Blessed"

New Music: Daniel Caesar Is In The Zone On "We Find Love" + "Blessed"

Photo courtesy of Saint Heron.

Yes, Daniel Caesar might be a mess, but these two new songs are repeat worthy additions to your playlist.

The 22-year-old Toronto singer-songwriter and independent artist, Daniel Caesar, has captured millions of hearts with his smoother-than-silk ode to love on “Get You”. While that song has over six million plays on Soundcloud alone, Daniel Caesar aims out to prove that he has more in the chamber to offer our lovelorn souls. Fueled by youthful soul, Daniel premiered two cuts—”We Find Love” and “Blessed”—during Carl Chery‘s #TheCosign on Beats 1.

On the former song, Caesar caresses the piano keys with a heartfelt intent that begs the listener to pay attention on first listen. “You don’t love me anymore, let’s see how you like this song,” he sings in the opening stanza. Reflecting on losing, possibly “the girl of his dreams” from “Get You,” Daniel remains steadfast as the hook expressing the devastating nature of heartbreak. “We find love, we get up / And we fall down, we give up,” he sings on the hook while tugging on our heartstrings through our earholes the whole time.

On “Blessed,” Daniel finds that cushy pocket, as piano keys provide a lush home for his lighter-than-a-water-vapor swoon and sway. “And yes, I’m a mess, but I’m blessed to be stuck with you,” he sings, immediately endearing him to a legion of R&B savants who crave that genuine feel. The third act on “Blessed” goes right for the aorta as he calls out “home,” and leaves pieces on the floor thanks to his emotion and conviction.

Both songs were written by Daniel Caesar, produced by Jordan Evans and Matthew Burnett and mixed-and-mastered by Riley Bell.

Carl Chery spoke on the vibe Daniel is offering, saying to Billboard, “He’s in a zone. He’s locked in, making something truly special. I’ve been listening to ‘We Find Love,’ ‘Blessed,’ and other songs from his next project for months. It’s the best music I’ve ever championed.” For those who have been down with the elusive singer-songwriter since “Violet,” consider this a coming-out-party for an influential talent who is playing by his own rules and winning.

Listen to “We Find Love” + “Blessed” below:

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