Bajan Quartet Cover Drive Gets Illy On “Love Isn’t Easy” Cut [Premiere]

Bajan Quartet Cover Drive Gets Illy On “Love Isn’t Easy” Cut [Premiere]

Bajan Quartet Cover Drive Gets Illy On “Love Isn’t Easy” Cut

Source: Cover Drive

Following the release of Cover Drive’s two past singles, “Grapefruit Perrier” and “Breakdown,” this platinum-selling group returns with the visuals for “Love Isn’t Easy”.

Love as an emotion has never been an easy road to traverse. The levels of ups and downs that go along with this feeling are troublesome at times and rewarding at others. For the platinum-selling group, Cover Drive, both seem to have a place at this group’s table. A powerfully emotional rollercoaster, “Love Isn’t Easy” showcases Cover Drive in an incredibly vulnerable way.

Led by Amanda Reifer’s scintillating voice and backed by stirring acoustic production, “Love Isn’t Easy” is a true testament to the impact love has on the heart and eyes, while the visuals are a feat to behold. Upon digesting the self-written lyrics, you can only imagine the type of emotional fortitude one must have to make this song a reality.

“Our musical journey has been one huge rollercoaster,” Cover Drive said, speaking on the song. “From #1’s and top 10 records to trying to continually conform to fit gatekeepers’ preconceived ideas of who we are and how we should sound. It sometimes feels like we have been in a never-ending cycle of chasing a high we might never experience again but we just can’t stop. With ‘Love Isn’t Easy,’ we tried to capture all of those emotions and fit them into a song.”

Set from Cover Drive’s forthcoming EP, which is due out in 2018, you can watch and listen to “Love Isn’t Easy” below and support the band by staying tune to their latest and greatest on Twitter @WeAreCoverDrive.

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