New Poll Says White People Like Kanye West More Than Those Non-White

New Poll Says White People Like Kanye West More Than Those Non-White

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According to the poll, 24 percent of self-identified white Americans had a “favorable opinion” of Kanye West, while 53 percent rate him in the “unfavorable” margin.

CNN has released new poll results for a study focused on how Kanye West’s controversial tweet-storm has affected his favorability amongst Americans. Honestly, the results aren’t all that surprising as they point toward more white Americans viewing the Louis Vuitton Don a bit more favorably than non-white Americans do.

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The breakdown, according to the poll, is as follows: 24 percent of self-identified white Americans said they had a favorable opinion of Kanye, while 20 percent of those identifying as non-white could say the same. Overall, Kanye’s favorability rating is viewed as negative—with 53 percent comprising the unfavorable margin, and a mere 23 percent in the favorable section.

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West’s recent statements (his love of Trump, his belief that slavery was a “choice) have altered his reception by people. If these results are accurate, Kanye could be in for a world of trouble from not only those who do not like him, but from his core base of fans who could withdraw from the artist in protest of his recent actions. The poll, which was conducted through the phone by an independent research company called SSRS received responses from 1,015 people, with 29 percent describing themselves as Democrats, 24 percent as Republicans, and 47 percent as independents. Poll questions ranged from inquiring about how much the person knew about Kanye’s comments on politics and slavery to asking if West made the comments out of belief or seeking publicity.

As anyone in this business or who just loves entertainment knows, polls such as this can turn around just as fast as they went left. ‘Ye could be hated one day, then drop a fire song or a surprise album that captures the Zeitgeist, and then be back in the public’s good graces. With the sentiment on the streets one of disgust for the former Martin Louis the King Jr., plus add in Trump’s request for him to visit the White House, and it looks like those numbers won’t be changing anytime soon.


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