Chuck D and Flavor Flav Can’t Agree on Who’s to Blame for The Delay of Public Enemy’s Reunion

Chuck D and Flavor Flav reignite their feud.

After fooling us once with a breakup hoax pegged to the release of a new Public Enemy album, Chuck D and Flavor Flav are at odds once again. Only this time, the spat appears to be an authentic one.

Yesterday, Flav told TMZ he was unwilling to move forward with a PE reunion (on record or on stage,) until Chuck signed off on a partnership agreement between them. “Business-wise, we’re not seeing eye to eye,” Flav said to a reporter at LAX. “I’m not the hold up of this Public Enemy project,” the hype man and reality TV star added.

Quick to respond, Chuck D fired back in a statement via his publicist. “Come on y’all. This is tired and stupid,” Chuck writes. “Flav and I communicate on our own, so I normally don’t address these things in public, but I’m tired of the circus of airing news that ain’t news and am going to keep it factual here. Flav sues the folks he works with, so in 2017 he decided it was my turn. He lost when the judge dismissed the suit with prejudice in 2020, which means it’s permanent. Over. He can’t file again. He lost,” Chuck added, addressing his last legal battle with Flav. From there, Chuck makes it clear Flav’s litigation and lack of consistent contribution are wearing him thin. “Even after all the years of Flav giving the situation minimum while always asking for the maximum, I still work with him. But it’s time to change. Everybody in the situation can’t be burdened with picking up his slack,” Chuck says.

This particular squabble follows last year’s very public (and supposedly very fake,) feuding in the lead-up to the group’s new album, What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down, which marked their return to Def Jam. We’ll just have to wait and see if this one proves to be something more than pre-album theatrics.


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