Bipolar Sunshine Readies New ‘Imaginarium’ EP With “Easy To Do” Single

Bipolar Sunshine Readies New ‘Imaginarium’ EP With “Easy To Do” Single

Bipolar Sunshine Readies New ‘Imaginarium’ EP With “Easy To Do” Single

Source: Bipolar Sunshine

The Manchester native, Bipolar Sunshine, has moved to Los Angeles and is poised to make an impact on the game with his latest single, “Easy To Do”.

Full disclsoure: Bipolar Sunshine deserves your attention. The Manchester native has spent the past five years alone crafting songs and tales that have freed audio slaves from a life of monotony. His flavorful sounds and charismatic voice have earned him fans all around the world. And now, since this singer-songwriter has moved to Los Angeles, he is bringing a fresh perspective of life, love and legacy to the City of Angels.

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Bipolar Sunshine will be presenting the world a new EP, Imaginarium, later this year, which I, personally, cannot wait to get a first-take listen up for. With the people still in an uproar from his 2017 single, “Major Love” and his DJ Snake team-up, “Middle,” Bipolar Sunshine continues to explore his range of sonic choices with this new single, “Easy To Do,” which spearheads the EP.

Sounding like “dark pop with a diasporic feel,” “Easy To Do” finds Bipolar Sunshine flipping his own melodies to reflect the undaunted ambition of Hollywood. This tune sounds way more urgent to the ears, while proving that his production hasn’t lost a step with the move from the Eastern hemisphere to the Western. With an accompanying video, Bipolar Sunshine feels that he’s nailed the “direction and sentiment” that he’s been trying to express for some time.

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“‘Easy To Do’ is a reflection of the emotion you feel when others doubt or think they are responsible for your triumphs. It also represents how cut throat you gotta be to protect your dreams at all cost,” Bipolar Sunshine told us exclusively. “There’s no greater feeling than when I’m in the studio and everything I’m doing comes easy and naturally. ‘Easy To Do’ is an ode to letting yourself naturally flourish. You gotta allow your own wave to take you where you need to be. I’ve been in a pit of creativity where nothing seemed to be working and I felt like quitting. I just needed to clear my board, get back to the basics, and start again. It seems hard to kick an old mentality, but once you do, you realize it was easy to do.”

Listen to “Easy To Do” below, and stay tuned as we’ll bringing you more from Bipolar Sunshine in the months to come.

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