Watch Beyoncé Make History, Reunite With Destiny’s Child & Turn Coachella Into #Beychella

Watch Beyoncé Make History, Reunite With Destiny’s Child & Turn Coachella Into #Beychella

Watch Beyoncé Make History, Reunite With Destiny’s Child & Turn Coachella Into #Beychella

Photo Credit: Andrew White for Parkwood Entertainment

Beyoncé became the first black woman to headline Coachella, set the highest livestreaming record ever and held the longest dance sequence ever for the festival.

Real talk, it is totally cool if you skip all of these glowing words about King Bey and skip down to the full set—especially if you didn’t stay up EST to watch it live.

Why, you ask?

A: Beyoncé, a woman of color, mother of three, and the greatest live entertainer of our generation, did a two-hour show that was one of the blackest, fiercest, tight, captivating performances that Coachella (ahem, excuse me, #Beychella) has ever witnessed.

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This is not to mention the four outfit changes, singing and dancing the whole time, while becoming the first black woman ever to headline Coachella, set the highest livestreaming record ever, the longest dance sequence ever, and reunited with Destiny’s Child so that they make history as the first group to ever headline #Beychella.

That’s not to forget that she performed the Black National Anthem in front of millions (and millions) of people, dropped in some very relevant and timely quotes from Malcolm X, a significant sample by my personal fave Nina Simone and had hundreds of dancers and musicians stepping and giving us nothing but HBCU halftime show vibes.

She did, earned her rep as a true-and-living icon (@ me direct or not at all), and I didn’t even mention that she did a bang-up job of spreading the wealth by bringing out hubby Jay-Z (for that OTR II tour that’s already sold out) and collaborating with Solange (to keep that A Seat at the Table flow staying strong). Oh, don’t let us forget that in addition to ensuring that black people will forever be the standard-bearers and forward-progressers of this thing known as “the Culture,” she paid tribute to Fela Kuti in the only way she knew how: epically.


You can already see Tomi Lahren, Bill O’Reilly, and those other meshuggeneh squirming in their seats at home, ready to deliver those hot takes. One word of advice from us: Don’t. Just don’t. Don’t do it to yourself. Don’t do it for those in the cheap seats. Don’t do it for anyone with any type of negativity in their heart. Last night’s performance was church, heaven on Earth, and all sorts of healing properties for the hundreds of thousands in attendance and the millions watching all around the world. Don’t cheapen yourself and your own personal legacy by trying to come for the Gawd… because she didn’t send for you at all.

In other words, boy (and girl) bye:

Above all, Beyoncé set a new standard for anyone headlining Coachella in the future. You can no longer just perform your songs that we already hear on the radio or play repeated on our streaming services. You. Have. To. Come. With. It. Beyoncé proved that she is otherworldly by her sheer force of will. Soaring over the crowd during “Drunk in Love”…? Easy. Hitting choreographed dance moves—on the one—with hundreds of the best backup dancers while growing, “Suck on my balls,” during “Sorry”…? No problem. It not has been declared by King Bey that one must bring the funk if they are to truly bring the noise.

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For those not familiar with what I’m saying, simply put: Push your art, be creative with your live performance, and don’t slack a minute. It’s not good for one’s legacy or all the money your fans spend to come see you.

Beyoncé will go into the history books as an iconic performer who is nearly impossible to match in scope and marquee performance. But, if we’re lucky, Blue and the Twins might be able to compete for the title in a decade or so.

Watch some more highlights, plus the full performance video above, and read some of the reactions from the Twitterverse underneath that.

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