BET Pushes For More Inclusion In Music With ‘Beauty And The Beats’ Series

BET Pushes For More Inclusion In Music With ‘Beauty And The Beats’ Series

by Kevito
2 years ago

Source: Studio One

Less than 5% of music producers and engineers are women, so BET is stepping up with a Beauty and the Beat, spotlighting women who are making an impact.

Hip-hop is a global force and phenomenon, as there isn’t a place where this culture created by black-and-brown people impoverished from the hood hasn’t touched or made an impact. When the Doug Morris’ and Jimmy Iovine’s got their hands on the game, hip-hop quickly became a boy’s club where women were relegated to the side or behind, shaking their behinds in music videos.

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That was not and is not being accepted by today’s standards. BET, which has taken the news of women inclusion in hip-hop as a challenge, has reported that they will be creating a weekly digital series meant to be a changing of the guard of sorts. Beauty and the Beats will spotlight the increasing amount of women entering into the music profession as producers and engineers, plus documenting their stories and journeys.

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BET released a trailer yesterday (March 19), which features already known names such as Wondagurl, Crystal Caines, TRAKGIRL and K. Lee sharing their thoughts, hopes and inspirations about being a change agent in the music business.

Beauty and the Beats launches today (March 20) on BET.com, so check it out, support these women and help enrich the culture with more diverse and unique voices.

Watch the trailer below:

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