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The Ten Best SoundCloud Finds of the Month

The Ten Best SoundCloud Finds of the Month

Photo courtesy of Pitchfork Music Festival 2018.
Photo courtesy of Pitchfork Music Festival 2018.

From DRAM covers to Kaytranada remixes to Bay Area street raps, here are the best SoundCloud finds of the last month

There is an overwhelming amount of music out right now. Unless you have hours of free time, it’s almost impossible to wade through all the sewage out there to get to the jams.

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That’s where we come in. We are out here listening to as much new music as humanly possible. And that means taking deep dives into SoundCloud.

This month, we have great SoundCloud finds from a wide spectrum of artists. We have street raps from artists like KUR and Mozzy and we have smooth jams from the likes of Kaytranada, DRAM, and Bryson Tiller.

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Scroll down to see Okayplayer’s best SoundCloud finds of the last month.

Eight Best SoundCloud Finds of August 2018

Mozzy Feat. 03 Greedo & Internet Money “Free Greedo”

Mozzy and 03 Greedo are two of the best, and most prolific rappers in music. So it’s kind of surprising that this is their first official collabo. Both rappers are on their A-game here: Mozzy with his cold, matter-of-fact street talk (“Lost a fade to a homey, told him run it back. Lost a fade to a sucker and tried to kill him for it.”) And the incarcerated Greedo with his dextrous delivery.

Eight Best SoundCloud Finds of August 2018

1TakeJay “Hello”

Rapping over iPhone’s default ringer should not fucking work. And yet, 1TakeJay, a young talented rapper from Compton, found a way to make a lighthearted slapper.

Kaytranada “Kiss of Life (Sade Remix)”

We’re getting a new Sade album soon (hopefully). This almost feels like a tryout from Kaytranada, one of the best producers in the world right now. Kay took a smooth jazz classic and flipped it into something you can dance to. Props, bro.

Kur “Cant Keep”

The tagging on this is all fucked up. But this is Kur’s new tape, SMKED OUT. It’s the Philly rapper’s first tape of 2018. Kur is great because he raps how you think a Philly rapper should rap (relentlessly.)  One of the standouts off of the tape is “Cant Keep,” which features a nice flip of The Manhattans’ “Wish That You Were Mine.”

DRAM “Prototype”

Shout out to DRAM for paying homage to an artist who clearly was crucial to his artistic development. Let’s hope DRAM finds a way to get this on the album.

Vuyo “THBP”

Producer and rapper Vuyo dropped his new EP Home-Cooked this week. It’s a deeply reflective and mellow project from the Norwegian-South African artist. The standout track is the single “THBP,” a song in which he spits lines like “These beats in my diary for the demons inside of me, written testament for every feeling I had.” Yeah, shit is heavy.

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Bryson Tiller “Canceled”

A year afrer dropping his underwelming sophmore slbum (can’t even remember the title) Bryson Tiller is trying to sneak his way back into superstardom. He dropped three songs this week. All are pretty decent. “Canceled” is the standout.

J'Demul Releases the '17th' EP
Source: Artist

J’DEMUL “Times”

St. Louis rapper J’DEMUL released his first project in two years. There are glimpses of greatness on the EP. “Times” is one of those instances. The rapper shelves his sleepy flow and attacks the track with some real tenacity.

Comethazine Feat. Lil Yachty “Bring Dat Bag”

CuBeatz and Ronny J come through with a beat you can feel in your chest. Comethazine has one verse. And Lil Yachty has zero verses (he’s only on the hook.) Sometimes it’s the simple things that work best.

SOB X RBE Feat. Shoreline Mafia “Da Move”

Do not judge SOB X RBE by their Spotify page. The fivesome’s official catalogue has been spotty, to say the least. It’s worth it to take a deep dive into their YouTube and Soundcloud page, where they’ve dropped all of their best shit. (The group’s official debut, GANGIN, is cool, but not really a good representation of their potential.) Check out this slapper featuring Shoreline Mafia.


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