Mixtape Monday: Apollo Brown x Joell Ortiz, Grime Lords, Remy Banks + More

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Apollo Brown & Joell Ortiz raise the bar for rap collaborations this Mixtape Monday with Mona Lisa.

Virginia’s own Grime Lords follow with the rock-solid Wimbledon Dons. World’s Fair member Remy Banks drops Champ Hoody Music Ep. 2, Hezekiah teams with Mr. Sonny James on Cure For The Common Soul Vol. 4 and Queens spitter Mike Classic drops If Only You Knew.

Amerigo Gazaway kicks off the second portion of this week’s roundup with No Free Beats: An Original Soundtrack. Jett I Mastyr follows with For Marian, Buster Wolf and Lorén McCutcheon drop the One Two Three EP, Durban’s own Aewon Wolf chooses love and Promnite exists. Will Sessions and Amp Fiddler close things out with The One featuring Dames Brown.

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Grime Lords – Wimbledon Dons

Rapper Born Unique and producer Pete Twist deliver twelve tracks of certified heat as the Grime Lords on Wimbledon Dons. The Virginia duo keep it thoro and throw in some choice features for good measure. J Scienide, Planet Asia and Code Nine are just a few.

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Apollo Brown & Joell Ortiz – Mona Lisa

Apollo Brown and Joell Ortiz deliver twelve tracks of uncut heat with the arrival of their first collaborative album entitled Mona Lisa. Neither party needs an introduction, but for those that need convincing:

Don’t even need the worst of me to get the best of you/A couple healthy words from me and turns you vegetable/Any rapper is edible/I’ll clap you off your pedestal/Pedal you on the back of my Vespa to an incredible desolate desert location next to some sort of federal military installation/Install some more lead in you then make you write ‘yaowah’ a million times in blood, legible/Some people say I’m not normal/No formal introduction needed ’cause if I see you, I am not cordial/Hold this fist across your head, that’s how I forewarn you

Remy Banks – Champ Hoody Music Ep. 2

World’s Fair representative Remy Banks drops the second installment of the Champ Hoody series with the arrival of Champ Hoody Music Ep. 2 featuring Zelooperz, Lansky Jones, Wiki and Domo Genesis.

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Hezekiah – Cure For The Common Soul Vol. 4

Back and prolific as ever after being sidelined by a medical emergency, Hezekiah teams with Mr. Sonny James to present Cure For The Common Soul Vol. 4. The twenty-two track project boasts a grip of features including Bilal, Kev Brown, Peedi Crakk, Khemist and King Most.


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Mike Classic – If Only You Knew

Just a month removed from the release of his “4PM In Northside” (Freestyle) Queens native Mike Classic follows his TV acting debut on VH1’s Roxanne, Roxanne with the release of the If Only You Knew EP.

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Amerigo Gazaway – No Free Beats

Never one to rest for long, Amerigo Gazaway interrupts a steady stream of remixes to drop an original soundtrack entitled No Free Beats.

“No Free Beats” is a collection of instrumentals originally created for the soundtrack of “No Free Walls”, the 2016 graffiti documentary by Complex Media. My goal for the project was to try and capture the sonic essence of 90’s boom-bap and graffiti culture: combining gritty drumbreaks, filtered basslines, jazzy horns, and turntable scratches. Many of these tracks were used in the documentary soundtrack, but I’ve also included some unreleased cuts from those sessions as well.

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Jett I Mastyr – For Marian

Back in the habit following the 2017 Decorative Pillows album and the more recent September release of The Upside Sessions, Jett I Mastyr drops the five-track For Marian instrumental EP.

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Buster Wolf x Lorén McCutcheon – One Two Three EP

Frequent collaborators Buster Wolf and Lorén McCutcheon churn out an extended play with the release of One Two Three. The production is a combination of boom-bap and experimental sensibilities that sports an appropriately dank low end. McCutcheon’s vocal is pitched up, distorted and woven into the tracks.


Aewon Wolf – Choose Love

Durban spitter Aewon Wolf drops the prequel to his final album under the AW moniker entitled Choose Love. Okayafrica recently profiled the project and offered some insight on Wolf’s artistic outlook and trajectory.

Aewon has been vocal about how the music industry isn’t for him. He is currently on a journey to rediscover himself, and is also going through a rebranding of some sort. The crew he recently cofounded, Future Africa, aims to make music that sounds “authentically South African” while still not staying out of touch with where music currently is globally.

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Promnite – Exist

DJ and producer Promnite follows a raft of formidable singles and remixes with the four-track Exist EP. The full release from Fools Gold features contributions from Mario, B.LEWIS and TZAR.

Promnite lives up to his name with a soulful, romantic approach to dance music. The NY raised, LA dwelling producer boasts an enviably diverse catalog — incorporating everything from rap collaborations with Denzel Curry, club deconstructions with Mr Carmack, and unforgettable Athletixx parties and mixes alongside Hoodboi, Falcons and Kittens — but “Exist” is the sound of an artist truly in his own zone. Featuring guest vocals from B. Lewis, TZAR and the one and only Mario (of “Let Me Love You” and other ‘00s classics), these four confident, expertly constructed tracks touch on classic dance, uptempo 80s vibes and head-nodding R&B, laced with Promnite’s future-minded production and signature bounce.

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Will Sessions & Amp Fiddler x Dames Brown – The One

Will Sessions and Amp Fiddler team with powerhouse funk and soul trio Dames Brown to deliver “their most cohesive and fully realized original work to date” entitled The One.

The One is an album that tells the story of a man’s search for the love of his life, and the trials and tribulations that surround their budding romance within the city of Detroit. Stylistically the album has roots that go deep into late-70’s progressive funk, soul and boogie, with layers of live/electronic drums and percussion, funky synth and slap bass lines, snappy guitars, classic analog synths, Fender Rhodes, Clavinet, tight horns, and lush string arrangements, all accompanied by the vocal stylings of Amp and the Dames.

Karas Lamb writes and digs for tunes you haven’t heard yet. She actually wants to listen to your mixtape. Follow her on Twitter @karaslamb or Instagram @blamblamkaraslamb.

Karas Lamb

Karas Lamb writes and digs for tunes you haven’t heard yet. She wants to listen to your music. Follow her on Twitter @karaslamb.

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