The Wisest Lines From Rapsody’s ‘Laila’s Wisdom’ Album

10 of the Wisest Lines From Rapsody’s ‘Laila’s Wisdom’ Album

by Kevito
September 28, 2017 10:00 AM

10 Of The Most Wisest Lines From Rapsody’s ‘Laila’s Wisdom’ Album

Photo Credit: Ginny Suss for Okayplayer

With Laila’s Wisdom out in the world now, we highlight the wisest bars Rapsody spits on her second studio album.

It’s been time for the rap game to stop sleeping on Marlanna Evans, better known to the world as Rapsody. Now that Laila’s Wisdom is out and available for your digestion, we have spent some time with the album and attempted to mine the jewels offered throughout.

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Over the course of 14-tracks, Rapsody takes us through the journey of love, love lost, police brutality, building up self-esteem and remaining true through it all. With a charismatic voice, cerebral rhymes and terrific ad-lib, Rapsody has made clear that the two years of energy she placed into this project was totally worth it. Her willingness to lay bare her feelings and share herself with the listener makes Laila’s Wisdom one of the best albums of this year.

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Heeding the advice from her grandmother, she would always say, “Give me my flowers while I’m here,” as an expression of self-worth. In our attempt to give Rapdiddy flowers, while simultaneously giving you, the audience, some thoughtful lines from Laila’s Wisdom — we mined the wisest lines from Laila’s Wisdom for you to use in your own life.

10 Of The Most Wisest Lines From Rapsody’s ‘Laila’s Wisdom’ Album

Photo Credit: Ginny Suss for Okayplayer

“When haters come around look ‘em down tell ‘em ‘we don’t owe you’”

We all have people who only want to see us fail—whether at your job or in your personal life. Rapsody on the intro cut, “Laila’s Wisdom,” encourages the listener to not pay them any mind because your energy, your time, your effort—you don’t owe them.

“Power up with the word / I got it from my God / He said a good shepherd don’t trip over what they heard”

Isn’t my God an awesome God? If you don’t believe in the Creator, here are some wise words straight from the good shepherd’s own mouth. “What you hear out in the streets man, you can’t let that deter you and what you hear ain’t always the truth,” Rapsody told Genius when annotating her verse from “Power”. “Playing off of the phrase “that’s what I heard,” but also a good shepherd when they’re herding sheep, they [the shepherd] don’t trip over those sheep.” So, in essence, don’t trip off the haters or those who want to see you less than because God will always make a way.

“Same hemoglobin, family tree, I know you very well / We all got somebody in our family that we can’t save from hell”

One of the most personal offerings on the album from Rapsody was “Ridin’,” where she goes in on the first verse about being from a small town with a big family. As with anyone who is close to their family, you know there are a few bad eggs in the bunch. Those who don’t want to fly, or leave the nest, or see that the world is bigger than a few blocks. On “Ridin’” we see what happens when family gets stuck in a bad place, Rapdiddy’s advice for that is to shake them out of that funk, get them unstuck and take them out to see the world.

“Watch what you say you don’t know who you among / Speak a little truth, here come the stones”

You never know who is listening in on your conversation, ready to share with TMZ or Twitter or something. According to Snow Hill’s own on the song “Sassy,” keeping your words amongst friends and trusted individuals is key to surviving the stones thrown by the haters and non-congratulators.

“Nobody know if tomorrow promised live like it’s your last”

Given the life and times we are living in today, Rapsody hit the nail on the head with the song, “Nobody,” as she shares this oft-shared thought about YOLO. As she expresses other things that “nobody” knows like true religion, the cure for cancer and the cost of a dollar — Rapsody emphasizes just how important it is for us all to live today after if there is no tomorrow.

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